Mind. Body. Spirit.

"The mind, when housed within a healthy body, possesses a glorious sense of power."

- Joseph Pilates



Tuesdays 6 pm
& Saturdays 10:30 am
1 hour session

A challenging, yet safe, mat Pilates class that works to balance all muscle groups’ strength & flexibility with the emphasis on challenging core muscles with each movement.

Wednesdays 6 pm
45 minute session

An energizing and vigorous barre fitness workout incorporating dance, yoga, Pilates & strength-training. Great way to start your day!


Fusion classes such as Fit & Flexible, Balance & Coordination, Physioball workouts, and more!

Pending Availability

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Take my in-person open level Pilates Mat class at the Yoga Room in Astoria

Thursdays 6:10 pm


About Tanya

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Looking to tone up, lose weight, relieve stress, improve your posture, sculpt your muscles and feel more energized? Of course you are! As a lifelong dancer and performer, I now dedicate my life to teaching others. Movement and music is therapeutic for all of us. As a dance educator & yogi for 20+ years and a Pilates and Barre teacher for 10+ years, it is passion which drives me. All of my classes are a fusion of all I know and love about movement, music, art, health and fitness.



Stability Ball and Stretching Band

Fit & Flexible

Tanya's techniques can transform your body, inside & out. Pilates helps increase flexibility and strength. It may even help with mental or physical health conditions in the long-run.

Image by Estée Janssens

Stay Focused

Target your short-term and long-term goals through Tanya's techniques. Whether you are looking to lose weight and get toned. Or targeting a specific area: core, arms, legs, glutes, back. Tanya can help you stay focused on the end-result, while having an

enjoyable journey!

Healthy Food

Mind & Body

Do you want to heal your mind, not only your body? Or perhaps you are interested in discovering better eating and lifestyle habits. Seek Tanya's consultation in a private session where she uses her experience and expertise to provide you with the necessary ammo to tackle it all.


Just Chill

We all know that rejuvenating feeling we get after sweating out all of life's troubles. Learn how to deal with the highs & the lows of maintaining a regular fitness routine with Tanya.


Ask me about Serenity and Strength, Inc. hosting Pilates & Yoga Retreats worldwide. 

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Tanya is the real thing. After just a few classes, I realized what a difference a great instructor can make. I felt muscles I never knew existed. No matter how large or small the class-size, you feel you are getting the attention you need. Tanya makes it a point to know each of her students and help them adapt a workout to meet their needs. After my leg injury, Tanya was there to help get into a better shape than prior to my injury. She is my inspiration!


Tanya is always ready to teach! I can count on her to bring an upbeat attitude, a unique routine and great music to class. As a long-time student of hers, I can say she is a highly-experienced teacher that will challenge the advanced practitioner and also make any beginner feel safe and excited to connect body, mind and soul.


Tanya brings together a unique variety of disciplines - her classes are a fusion of her dance background, immense knowledge of pilates and yoga practice, aerial fitness, mobility, as well as mindfulness. Her focus on proper form require a level of concentration and attention to detail that will challenge your body as well as your mind. I've known Tanya for almost 10 years and she is an incredibly kindhearted, patient, and strong woman which makes her all the more inspiring as a teacher. Attending her retreat in Costa Rica was exactly what I needed to spring back to normalcy after the pandemic. I made life-long friends while ziplining through the rainforest near the Arenal Volcano, exploring La Fortuna, and kayaking/snorkeling in Tamarindo. I've personally had some impressive results after just a few sessions with Tanya - leading to phenomenal core strength and better posture! I highly recommend checking out one of her classes online or working with her privately where she will be able to provide you more personalized expertise.



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